Mission Statement/School Ethos

We aim to provide a safe and healthy environment where each child can develop and learn to his/her full potential.

We welcome each child as individuals and will strive to care for him/her in every way that we can.

Vision Statement for St Fergus’ National School:

St. Fergus’ National School is a school which endeavours to enable the child to develop his/her own potential.

The individuality of each child is valued.

We want each child to become an independent and worthwhile member of society.

This is to be achieved in a safe and happy environment, in a spirit of caring for ourselves and our neighbours.

St. Fergus’ National School embraces the Catholic tradition.

School Philosophy and Aims

The school exists for the pupil. While acknowledging that the Primary and natural Educators of the child are the Parents, the School provides a moral, intellectual and social education to enable the child to live a full life and to equip the child to avail of further education so that he/she may live a full and useful life as an adult in Society.

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