Board of Management

The Board of Management is comprised of the following members:

Chairperson School Principal & Secretary of the Board

Bishop’s Nominee

Teacher’s Nominee

Parent’s Nominee

Parent’s Nominee

Nominee of the Wider Community

Nominee of the Wider Community

Mr. Jack DunneMrs. Deirdre Kennelly

Fr. Tom Crawford

Ms. Caitríona O’Hanlon

Mrs. Louise McNamara

Mr. Mike Shine

Mrs. Elaine Buckley

Mr. John Hogan

The Board meets a minimum of 5 times in the school year and should there be new appointments or an emergency, the Board will convene meetings.

The Board of Management is invaluable in its support of the school, its staff, parents and children. The school staff greatly appreciates the support and advice they receive from the Board and the voluntary work they do.