St Fergus’ National School is situated in the village of Glin, on the Shannon Estuary in West Limerick. There is another primary school in the parish, located in the townland of Ballyguiltenane.

St Fergus’ N.S. is a seven teacher school, comprising of the Teaching Principal, three Assistant Teachers, two Resource Teachers and a Learning Support Teacher. It also has two Special Needs Assistants. The school shares a secretary with Ballyguiltenane N.S.

Mrs. Deirdre Kennelly
Deputy Principal:
Mrs. Caroline Gee
Mrs. Carol Ann Healy
Mrs. Mary Adams
Ms. Caitríona O’Hanlon
Mrs. Rosie Ambrose
Ms. Deirdre Dillane
Geraldine O’Donovan

St Fergus National School opened in 1963. Pupils moved from the ‘Old’ National School, which was situated on The Mall, two hundred yards from the present building. The old school, now serving as a community hall, dating back to pre-famine times, opened in 1843, under the principalship of Mr. Michael Stackpoole, poet and former hedge-school teacher. It is interesting to note from the roll books that pupils who attended the ‘old’ school range from 4 to 17 years old, and the occupations of their parents, which include feather-mongers, butter buyers, egg-dealers, shoemakers, coopers, blacksmiths, tailors and boat-builders remind us of the many changes that have occurred in Glin over the past one hundred and fifty years.

When St Fergus opened in 1963 there were two separate schools, St Fergus Junior School and St Fergus Senior School, both sharing the same building. Originally there were six classrooms, six mainstream teachers and 228 pupils on roll. The school now consists of four classrooms, four mainstream teachers, two resource teachers and one learning support teacher with 108 pupils on roll. The School Hall was added in 1989 and formally opened by Cardinal Thomas O Fiach. This extension has a number of rooms, a hall (with a newly constructed stage and sound system in 2001), toilets, kitchen and office.

The first principal of the Junior School was Mrs Nora Fennell and over the years staff members have included Mrs Kathleen Fitzgerald, Ms Eileen King, Mrs Sheila Dore, Mrs Marie Collins, Ms Mary Mc Sweeney, Mrs Jean Culhane, and Mrs Ann Horan. Mrs Fitzgerald replaced Mrs Fennell as principal in 1964 and when Mrs Fitzgerald retired in 1992 , Mrs Collins was appointed principal. Mrs Collins remained principal of the Junior School until it amalgamated with the Senior School in 1999. Mr Culhane was appointed the principal of the newly amalgamated St. Fergus’ N.S.

The first principal of the Senior School in 1963 was Mr James Duggan and over the years members of staff included Mr Tom McKeon, Ms Mairead Fitzgerald, Ms Eileen Hannon, Mrs Rosita Mulvihill, Ms Eileen King, Mr Bernard Stack, Mr John A Culhane, MrPaddyTrant, Mrs Bridget Mulvihill and Mrs Maria Adams. Mr McKeon became principal in 1972, Mr Stack replaced Mr McKeon in 1974 and Mr Culhane was principal from 1992 until 2012.

In 1967 Ballygoughlin National School was amalgamated with St Fergus’ and 43 pupils were transferred from Ballygoughlin to Glin, courtesy of the newly introduced Dept of Education School Bus System.

During the Summer Holidays in 2005, the school was newly painted. Tables and chairs were purchased, replacing the old style desks. Blinds were put on all windows and floor covering (vinyl type) was placed in the Infants and First and Second Class rooms. The Department of Education and Science gave a grant for this work.

During the Summer holidays in 2009 it was decided to enlarge two of the classrooms, on the advice of the Inspector, by knocking through a wall between two existing rooms in each of the corridors. This would allow for greater scope to facilitate the New Curriculum with larger numbers. It was decided that the class groupings with the bigger numbers would be accommodated within this newly formed rooms.
All classrooms have small windows near the ceiling on the northern side of the school. These windows are used to ventilate the classrooms on warm days or whenever the need arises.

In June 2011, St Fergus’ N.S. attained Green School Status. The Flagpole for this is situated on the green area in front of the school.

There are two playgrounds, one for the younger children (Naí to Rang 2) and the other yard is for the children in Rang 3-Rang 6. The older children also have access to the Basketball Court and the Playing Field (on a rota basis). Naíonán to Rang 2 have access to the school playground, which was opened in September 2011 after much Fundraising within the school community.